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Married gay gent who likes reading about other gay gents, or failing that, any good tome that tickles me whiskers. Honest, frank, and sometimes rude, I will always, always say what I think.
April 2014
text: A plea to Dreamspinner Press...
Hi there, I have ordered a few paperback books from you over the past few months, and I just thought I should let you know ...
Spencer (Survivor Stories #3) - J.P. Barnaby
February 2014
reviewed: Lying with Scorpions - Aleksandr Voinov
Review originally posted on Joyfully Jay http://joyfullyjay.com/2014/02/review-lying-with-scorpions-by-aleksandr-voinov.htm...
January 2014
text: Don't bitch me out for a fair rating...
Okay, so today I was accused of being a crotchety old bitch, or words to that effect, for giving a book a two star review… Ap...
December 2013
text: My Top Books of 2013
Seeing as I could only recommend books I'd reviewed for Jessewave on that site as my top books of the year, I figured I'd pos...
November 2013
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reviewed: Designs of Desire - Tempeste O'Riley
Don't be fooled by one of the best covers I've seen all year.Review originally posted on Jessewave.SummaryA story with preval...
Designs of Desire - Tempeste O'Riley
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reviewed: Trusting Thomas - K.C. Wells
Trusting Thomas is the third imperfectly perfect book I’ve read in as many weeks. The grammar is a nightmare, and some of the...
Trusting Thomas - K.C. Wells
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reviewed: Cherished - Sara York
A good premise and blurb, and a half decent character in Wesley, but huge inconsistencies and a serious issue handled with a ...
Cherished - Sara York
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reviewed: Bullet (Blue Boy) Garrett Leigh
Fabulous. Broke the mold of Slide with style. Wow. What can I say that Monique hasn't already said? Probably not much, but I'...
Bullet - Garrett Leigh
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