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A plea to Dreamspinner Press...

Spencer (Survivor Stories #3) - J.P. Barnaby

Hi there,


I have ordered a few paperback books from you over the past few months, and I just thought I should let you know that the quality of them is deteriorating. One arrived today and I am fairly horrified by it.


Not the content. Your authors continue to put out great books, but the physical quality of the book is fucking awful. The print is wonky, the typeface blurred and the overall appearance of the book increasingly cheap and nasty.


I appreciate that we are in an age now where print is becoming obsolete, but with that in mind, why not make its last gasp something special? Other MM houses are putting out print books for the same price at a much higher quality.


I ordered a book from Riptide that is streets ahead, beautifully set and printed, it's a real joy to see on my scant shelf of MM print books.


I don't wish to complain. Dreamspinner is a wonderful house to buy from, but I felt compelled to write and bring this issue to light. I have seen it constantly mentioned on social media, and it saddens me. Dreamspinner leads the way in so many things, art work and marketing, why not this?


Please address this issue with some urgency, not with me, ignore me by all means, but please look into making your paperbacks something special, rather than a flimsy piece of crap.